I am always on the lookout for new health opportunities, and had the opportunity to speak at Next Generation Living, a new health and science-based community in Kaylar, Cyprus.

This is an exciting new community idea being supported by professionals all over the world, and it was a great opportunity to share ideas on healthy living. Here’s a short clip I’d like to share about my first impressions of the site:

About Next Generation Living

Next Generation Living engages a global community with health professionals and health seekers, co-creating a platform from which everyone can thrive through innovative education, leadership, inter-professional collaboration, and research.

They promote natural and contemporary solutions for holistic health supported by science. The community stimulates creative, empowering and sustainable living conditions for us – and generations to come.

NGRC is also planning a fully managed, healthy and holistic community in Cyprus. See their plans here. There’s even an upcoming inspection tour, if you’re looking for a November getaway in a beautiful location!

If you’d like more information about NGRC, or to get in touch about one of their upcoming events, just contact me here:

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